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VetHesive is a bioactive and radiopaque bone adhesive for orthopedic surgery in small animals. VetHesive consists of a two component system, a powder and a liquid. Mixing the two components initially produces a liquid, which gradually turns into a paste, and ultimately solidifies into a hard, cement-like complex. The hardened complex allows stable fixation of bone defects.


The product is packed in a ready-to-mix system and supplied in sterile, making the whole operation clean and tidy. 



  • Hydroxyapatite-PMMA based copolymer adhesive
  • Designed for fast, precise and no-mess application
  • Visible on X-rays
  • Available with or without gentamicin, which has broad spectrum covering
  • gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • EO sterilized to reduce risk of infection
  • Animal safe - ISO 10993 biocompatible
  • Injectable through applicator or needle I.D. down to 0.8 mm (18G)



  • Bone fractures fixation 



*Questions? Want to see a live demo or receive a free trial? Contact for more.

**Price Negotiable For Bulk Purchase.

VetHesive Radiopaque Bone Adhesive

  • Package Size: 3 g
    Radiopacity: Yes
    Working time: 10 min (at 23 degree Celsius) 
    Setting time: 12.5 min (at 23 degree Celsius)

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