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Osteoshell is a biocompatible, 2-component adhesive ideal for repairing external fractures in birds and turtle. Once cured, the material exhibits tenacious adhesion and tensile strength to hold the bone fragments in place.


Each pack of Osteoshell is supplied with a set of 2.4 mm & 4 mm nozzles. (2.4 - 6.4mm nozzles are also available. Check surgical accessories for more!)



  • Hydroxyapatite-PMMA based coploymer adhesive
  • Designed for fast, precise and no-mess application
  • Superior load bearing capacity for excellent surface and fixators adherence
  • Animal safe - ISO 10993 biocompatible
  • Water resistance - Aquatic species with minor to moderate injuries can be released back to water within 48 hours
  • Leaves no adhesive residue after removal
  • Applicator nozzles and fixators are available for different indications


Suggested Applications

  • Shell fractures fixation
  • External skeleton fixation
  • Plastron osteotomy


Demo video
Click here



*Questions? Want to see a live demo or receive a free trial? Contact for more.

**Price Negotiable For Bulk Purchase.

Osteoshell Hard Tissue Adhesive

  • Package size: 10 g
    Load bearing capacity: 98 N / 10 kg
    Radiopacity: Nil
    Working time: 10 min (at 23 degree Celsius) 
    Setting time: 12.5 min (at 23 degree Celsius) 

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