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Say goodbye to edge wrapping issues during the annealing process with our innovative Annealing Starting Kit. Designed to ensure exceptional results, this magical solution guarantees that your implants maintain their shape and structural integrity without any unwanted deformities.


How does it work? The Annealing Starting Kit comprises three essential components: medical-grade quartz sand, a sturdy medical-grade steel box, and a medical-grade steel lid. This powerful combination creates the ultimate protective environment for your implants during annealing.


Here's how to use the Annealing Starting Kit in four simple steps:

  • Prepare the Annealing Starting Kit: Gently place your implant into the medical-grade steel box, ensuring a secure fit. Next, carefully pour the medical-grade quartz sand into the box until the implant is completely covered.

  • Secure the Annealing Starting Kit: Seal the deal by placing the medical-grade steel lid firmly on top of the sand-filled box, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

  • Annealing Process: Transfer the Annealing Starting Kit to your annealing equipment. Follow the recommended annealing temperature and duration specific to your implants, ensuring optimal results.

  • Witness the Magic: After the annealing process, remove the Annealing Starting Kit from the equipment. Open the lid and gently retrieve your implant from the quartz sand, being cautious not to allow any particles to adhere to the surface. Voila! Your implant is now ready for further processing or sterilization, free from any edge wrapping or deformities.

Upgrade your manufacturing process today with our revolutionary Annealing Starting Kit. With its precise design and supportive environment, it eliminates the worry of edge wrapping and ensures consistently exceptional implants.


Don't let edge wrapping compromise the quality of your implants. Trust the Starting Kit to deliver outstanding results, saving you time, effort, and resources.

Experience the magic of flawless implants – order your Annealing Starting Kit now and revolutionize your manufacturing process!

Annealing Starting Kit

  • The Annealing Starting Kit is suitable for a wide range of implant types, including dental, orthopedic, and other medical implants. Whether you're manufacturing screws, plates, or other intricate implant designs, the Starting Kit ensures reliable and consistent results.

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