Veterinary Market

Veterinary is an extraordinary market that is often being ignored even though animals can experience similar diseases to human. Orthopaedics and traumatology are two key topics in veterinary, in which bone diseases such as bone fractures and osteoarthritis are common injuries for vets.


Equine (Horse)


Image of a typical bone defect found in horse (bone provided by Hong Kong Jockey Club)

Equine osteoarthritis (OA) is a common disease among horses, resulting in the lameness problems – abnormal gait or stance. Horses diagnosed with high tendency of OA are often recommended to rest for some years to prevent worsening and after that the options left are medical and surgical treatments, which both have their own drawbacks.

We are seeking a novel alternative to treat early equine osteoarthritis by injecting biomaterials for cartilage repair and bone substitute into affected area, so as to avoid the needs of medical and surgical treatments afterwards. Our researches are already in progress and has yielded promising results. Further studies are required to apply our treatments practically.

Horse-racing is a profit-making industry with a turnover of $USD 10.3 billion in Hong Kong. Racehorses require various medication treatments throughout the year. 16% of the drugs used on horses are for anti-inflammatory purpose, 12% of them on joints and muscles and 15% of them for surgical treatments. The main purpose of these drugs is to treat osteoarthritis. This highlighted the huge market potential of our products in treating the bone and cartilage damages of horses.