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Ossfila Medical PEEK Filament is a high-performance, biocompatible, non-toxic and chemical resistant 3D printing material perfect for printing medical devices and implants. The high quality of the medical grade PEEK ensure ultmost safety to produce implants. Ossfila Medical PEEK filament is one of the best choices on the market. 



  • High-performance thermoplastic for medical application
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Outstanding impact resistance polishability & UV tolerance 
  • Resistant to most chemicals especially acids 
  • Biocompatible and non-toxic (USP 88 Class VI)
  • Sterilizable by gamma radiation, e-beam, autoclave and ethylene oxide
  • Ready to use - stored in vacuum sealed aluminum bag with desiccants 
  • Compatible with all professional FFF machines 


Suggested Applications 

Implants, surgical instrument and devices (such as body fluid container, microfluidic device, pump impeller, stirrer, etc.) 



Please note: A new spool of Ossfila Medical Grade Filament is packaged in a vacuum sealed package with desiccant and drying should not be required. If the spool is exposed in air for 2 days, moisture absorption is possible and may affect printing quality. A typical indication of too much moisture is stringing. It is recommended to dry the spool in a 50°C oven for 24 hours before printing.



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**Price Negotiable For Bulk Purchase.


Medical PEEK 3D Printer Filament

  • Color: Natural

    Diameter: 1.75 mm ± 0.05mm

    Flexural strength (ASTM D790): 151 MPa

    Flexural modulus (ASTM D790): 3.57 GPa

    Biocompatible & nontoxic (USP 88 Class VI) 

    *Reports available upon request 

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