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Turtle - Osteoshell saves turtles


Hard tissue adhesive for external fixation

Osteoshell - hard tissue adhesive for treating fractures in turtle and birds

Osteoshell is a biocompatible, 2-component adhesive ideal for repairing external fractures in birds and turtle. Once cured, the material exhibits tenacious adhesion and tensile strength to hold the bone fragments in place. Designed for fast, precise and no-mess application. 

Load bearing capacity

98N / 10kg

Working Time

10 min at 23°C

Setting Time

12.5 min at 23°C


  • Hard tissue fixation

  • External skeleton fixation

  • Plastron osteotomy

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  • Simple to use & precise application

  • Harden in 12.5 min at 23°C

  • Bonds well with metal fixators

  • Animal safe: ISO 10993 certified

  • Shed off naturally in 6 to 9 months

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