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One-Stop Medical 3D Printing Service


Tell Us about Your Case

Send your DICOM file and project details to us and get an instant quote. 



The engineer will design a digital 3D model according to the necessary specifications and intended use. 


Sterilize for Use

The finished product will be delivered sealed and sterile - ready for surgery. 


Confirmation & Payment

Once you are ready to work together, our engineer will further discuss with you on the project needs.


3D Printing

Once you approve the design, it will be produced in our medical-certified facilities. 


Receive Your Product

Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an email confirmation.


✔ Instant quote is available
✔ Lead time from as fast as 2 business days 
✔ Choose from a range of medical grade materials 
✔ Rapid prototyping, low / high volume production

✔ Produced in ISO 7 cleanroom facilities
✔ ISO 9001, ISO 13485 quality management system 
✔ All uploads and information are secure and confidential 

Industry Partners


We offer a wide range of medical grade materials which can be tailored to suit your needs 

Bioactive & bone-liked properties


Strong & biocompatible


Rigid & chemical resistant

Medical PMMA

Strong, bone-like strength & biocompatible

Medical PEEK