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Here at NOVUS, we put our innovative, patented technologies into practice, bringing novel solutions to the market.

Groundbreaking Nano-Particles 

During past seven years, we achieved a breakthrough with our nano-material synthesis and nano-coating methods, and have since successfully applied such technologies to our bone filler formulation and implants. Our nano-coating share the same basic structure with the body’s natural bone mineral, yielding a higher biocompatibility. The nano-particles that we created can assist bone growth and plays a crucial role in our bone cement formula and implant materials.

Clinically Proven

Our hydroxyapatite-PMMA based Veterinary Adhesives has been clinically proven to mimic the chemical composition of natural bone to enhance healing and provide immediate stability. More bone formation was shown compared to conventional PMMA. Our Veterinary Adhesive series present comparable mechanical properties to natural bones. Its excellent adherence makes them suitable for wide range of applications.

Histology_Veterinary Adhesive.jpg
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