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Pawdies is NOVUS's leading brand in freeze-dried food for pets. 
Powered by sciences, Pawdies's products are engineered for unmatchable quality. 


Free shipping to Hong Kong for orders over HK$500. All orders will be dispatched within 5 working days. 


  • Freeze-dried chicken breast strips, 40g
  • Freeze-dried chicken breast cubes, 40g
  • Freeze-dried salmon, 40g
  • Freeze-dried capelin, 40g
  • Freeze-dried shrimp, 30g
  • Freeze-dried grouper, 40g
  • Freeze-dried cod, 30g
  • Freeze-dried scallop, 30g


Our Food

  • Nutritional snack and treat for your picky cats and dogs
  • Imported high quality meat
  • Grain free and gluten free
  • Feed raw on the go, no need to keep frozen
  • Break apart with ease for treats and training at all time
  • Healthy alternative to canned food for small breeds and seniors with health issues
  • Shelf-stable and ready to serve
  • Made in Hong Kong


Powered by Technology and Extreme Quality

  • Engineered by NOVUS’s Veterinary Division
  • Techniques well-proven by our scientists and engineers 
  • Freeze-drying process engineered for better rehydration and preservation of nutrients
  • Production monitored under medical standards
  • Manufactured in dust-free cleanroom
  • Systematic QC and QA processes


Products Differentiations

  • True and 100% freeze-dried process without air-dried or oven-dried processes
  • Air-dried / oven-dried salmon appeared grey and dull, Pawdies's salmon has a distinctive pink colour
  • UV-C sterilisation during preparation, UV-C sterilisation for every single pack of product
  • Extremely low weight, with extremely low water content

Pawdies - Freeze-dried Food for Pets

PriceFrom HK$60.00