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Explore the Versatility of 3D Printing with Our Medical-Grade Filament Samples!


Discover the exceptional capabilities of our medical-grade filament samples. Each sample weighs 20g and is meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding performance, durability, and biocompatibility.


Our medical-grade filaments are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet stringent standards, making them ideal for a wide range of applications in the medical field and beyond. From prototyping medical devices to creating functional parts and intricate designs, these filaments offer unparalleled versatility and reliability.


To explore the possibilities of 3D printing, our Testing Sample Pack includes a selection of medical-grade filament samples. Priced at just 1 HKD per sample, these samples provide an affordable way to test and experiment with different materials. Please note that clients are responsible for the delivery fee, ensuring secure and prompt delivery of your samples.


Please note: Each customer is limited to one purchase of our testing sample per address and account. Multiple orders beyond the limit will not be shipped.

Testing Sample

  • Our medical-grade filament samples have a wide range of clinical applications, including surgical planning models, anatomical replicas, prosthetics, orthotics, surgical instruments, implants, and patient-specific medical tools. They contribute to advancements in personalized medicine, tissue engineering, and regenerative therapies, driving innovation in healthcare.

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