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VetHesive, the bioactive bone cement for animal minimal invasive surgeries


Bone cement for fixation and minimal invasive surgeries

vethesive package with applicator and ampoule nobg.png

VetHesive is a bioactive and radiopaque bone adhesive for open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) in small animals. VetHesive is formed by a powder component and liquid component to get crosslinked and cured.

It can be applied directly to fracture site, or in combinator with other fixation tools.

Working Time

12.5 min at 23°C

Setting Time

17.5 min at 23°C


  • Open reduction internal fixation (ORIF)

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  • Simple & Easy-handling

  • Injectable through applicator or needle I.D. down to 0.8 mm (18G)

  • Good bonding with metal materials

  • Animal safe: ISO 10993 certified

  • Supplied in sterile to minimize risk of infection

  • Available with or without antibiotics

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