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Achieve the Best Dimensional Accuracy in Your 3D Prints: Quick & Simple

Calibrate your 3D printer to achieve the best possible print! Takes only 15 minutes.

Step 1: Click HERE to download the calibration cube file.

3D Printer Calibration Model by Ossfila, downloadable in Thingiverse

Step 2: Set your slicers setting as listed below:

Layer thickness: 0.15 mm (or set to your normal printer layer height)

Rafts: Yes

Support: Touching build plate only (or no support)

Infill density: 30%

Print speed: set to your normal print speed

Temperature settings: Depends on your printing material

Step 3: Save the G-code and print the cube.

3D printed calibration cube by Ossfila

Step 4: Remove the cube from the surface when the print has finished and cooled.

Step 5: Measure the values with a caliper and submit HERE:

Measure the parameters of calibration print and submit to Ossfila

Expected dimensions of following features:

  • X, Y, Z axis: 25 mm

  • Holes diameter: 10 mm

  • Trough: 20 mm

  • Crest: 20 mm

  • Cylinders: 10 mm

  • Sphere: 10 mm

Step 6: The calibration result will be sent to your email within 15 minutes.

3D Printer Calibration Performance Analysis Report by Ossfila

Step 7: Adjust your slicer setting with the report.

Step 8: (Optional) Repeat the test with different filaments for more accurate results.


To know the dimensional accuracy of each of your 3D printed parts, you may print your desired items together with the calibration cube in the same run. Then measure the parameters of the calibration cube and submit the results as above.

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