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Partner With Novus

Capitalize on our synergy to provide healthcare professionals and individuals a better experience
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Veterinary Partners

Help out animals in need. We work with leading veterinary professionals and local animal organizations to provide technological supports and create new solutions for animals with bone diseases.

Research & Clinical Partners

Collaborate with us to develop the next wave of orthopedic solutions. We proactively work with a number of academic institutes and hospitals to accelerate our research and testing progress. We aim to start clinical trials and registration in 2020-2022, and subsequently launch our products onto the market.

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Biotech Consulting Partner

Our team comprised experienced scientists and engineers with solid and excellent background on researches and business executions. We can provide you with technical, strategic and market access advices that best fit your needs and further your reach via our network, driving more innovation in your core progresses and enabling the transformation of your technologies into real applications.

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