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Medical Surgery

Future of Bone Repair
Engineered from NOVUS's bioactive nano-composite formulation, we offer bone treatment solutions including bone filler formulations for minimally invasive surgical injection and 3D printed implants for humans which enhance the biological and mechanical properties.
bone cement osteofill product.jpeg


NOVUS’s bone healing injection is a novel biomaterial which is engineered to perform like an ordinary cement but with controllable and variable viscosity which can be changed gradually from ultra-low to normal. The ultra-low viscosity allows the biomaterial to be applied using needle with extremely small opening, down to 0.3 mm in diameter. This allows ultimate flexibility in surgery and making minimally-invasive surgery even less invasive.

Suggested Applications:

  • Vertebroplasty with much smaller punctures 

  • Osteophyte inhabitation after resection in substitute of bone wax

  • Cranioplasty (fixing the 3D printer cranial implant made by the same polymer matrix)

  • Subchondral bone repair by arthroscopy

  • Various minimal invasive surgeries

  • Various plastic surgeries

ossfila sample pack MLS 2-min.JPG

Ossfila 3D Printing Filament

OSSFILA is our long-term industrial partner from HKSTP providing customized implants to collaborating researchers and vets. Their novel characteristics in 3D printing filament encompass superior biocompatibility. Their 3D bone printing technology sidesteps conventional manufacturing constrains and thus offer a more functional and personalized solution for patients such as small bones for human and animals.

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