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Veterinary Surgery

Fast, Safe & Effective Bone Solutions
Engineered from NOVUS's bioactive nano-composite formulation, our veterinary products are designed for fast, precise, and no-mess application. We offer surgeons products with rapid-setting time for efficient surgeries, together with superior load-bearing capacity for excellent surface and fixators adherence. EO sterilized packs are available to reduce to risk of infection. We ensure the animals' safety with ISO10993 standard biocompatibility.

Osteoshell Hard Tissue Adhesive

Osteoshell is a biocompatible, 2-component adhesive ideal for repairing external fractures in aves and chelonian. Once cured, the material exhibits tenacious adhesion and tensile strength to hold the bone fragments in place.

Suggested Applications:

  • Shell fractures fixation

  • External skeleton fixation

  • Plastron osteotomy


VetHesive Radiopaque Bone Adhesive

VetHesive is a bioactive and radiopaque bone adhesive for orthopedic surgery in small animals. VetHesive consists of a two component system, a powder and a liquid. Mixing the two components initially produces a liquid, which gradually turns into a paste, and ultimately solidifies into a hard, cement-like complex. The hardened complex allows stable fixation of bone defects.

Suggested Applications:

  • Bone fracture fixation

ossfila sample pack MLS 2_whitebg_shadow.jpg

Ossfila 3D Printing Filament

OSSFILA is our long-term industrial partner from HKSTP providing customized implants to collaborating researchers and vets. Their novel characteristics in 3D printing filament encompass superior biocompatibility. Their 3D bone printing technology sidesteps conventional manufacturing constrains and thus offer a more functional and personalized solution for patients such as small bones for human and animals.

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