Nano-copolymer Bioactive Bone Cement

Future of Bone Repair



NOVUS’s bone healing injection is a novel biomaterial which is engineered to perform like an ordinary cement but with controllable and variable viscosity which can be changed gradually from ultra-low to normal. The ultra-low viscosity allows the biomaterial to be applied using needle with extremely small opening, down to 0.3 mm in diameter. This allows ultimate flexibility in surgery and making minimally-invasive surgery even less invasive.



✔ Provides bioactivity of calcium phosphates cements
✔ Exhibits excellent biocompatibility
✔ Provides instant mechanical support like ordinary PMMA cement
✔ Ultra-low and adjustable viscosity
    (Injectable through a needle as small as 23G (0.34mm diameter)
✔ No spillage problem



  • Vertebroplasty with much smaller punctures 
  • Osteophyte inhabitation after resection in substitute of bone wax
  • Cranioplasty (fixing the 3D printer cranial implant made by the same polymer matrix)
  • Subchondral bone repair by arthroscopy
  • Various minimal invasive surgeries
  • Various plastic surgeries



  • Key Components: PMMA, CaP coated nano PMMA-HEMA co-polymer
  • Bending Strength (ISO 5833):
>55 MPa
  • Elastic Modulus (ISO 5833):
>2500 MPa
  • Setting Temperature (ISO 5833):
  • Setting Time (ISO 5833):
5-10 mins
  • Dough Phase:
No dough phase
  • Needle Gauge:

(*The bioactive cement is available as different product lines for various indications. Different product lines may exhibit different properties. The ambient conditions may affect the properties.)



Call +852 3188 9234 or Email to: info@novusls.com

(*Available now for veterinary surgeries. With approval from regulatory authorities, human clinical line is set to launch in 2020.)