Our Technologies

NOVUS  – A Research Company

NOVUS is a research company specialised in biotechnology, biomedical and bioengineering. Our team is managed by experienced founders and is comprised of scientists from different fields in the biotechnology spectrums. We carefully select and design projects from the early stage, and focus on playing an important role in the R&D and commericalization process. We strive to unleash the potential of promising technologies by leveraging our expertise and experience.


Our Technologies Overview

NOVUS’s technology is the result of joint efforts from a number of research institutions and universities. We look for technologies developed by scientists and explore the possibilities in further developing it. We aim at providing high standard of research and execution in order to benefit the society with the latest technologies in the shortest time interval.


Bone and Cartilage Repair

Our key technology includes groundbreaking biomaterials in treatment bone and cartilage defect. Bone and cartilage damages are common problems faced by doctors. Treatments strategies are sometimes restricted because of the lack of appropriate biomaterials which can be used to fill and heal the affected area. Bone filler materials are usually viscous in nature and therefore difficult to be applied in the setting of minimal invasive surgery. As such, small defects may have to be compromised in order to avoid performing surgery. NOVUS has developed a new series of biomaterial in treating this issue. Our bone fillers can be injected by narrow needle with diameter as small as 0.5mm which can be injected into different region of small bone defect.


Other Technologies

NOVUS also actively involves in the investment, R&D and management of various regimes of biotechnologies. These include next generation DNA testing, various diagnosis, cancer tracers, recombinant protein and cloning technologies. NOVUS would like to bring synergies and create values for our generation.


Our Partners

Partnership is the key of successful commercialisations of medical technologies and products. Our collaborators are situated at different continents specialised in material sciences, surgery, computer modelling, veterinary, commercialisation, GMP and manufacturing. These further strengthen NOVUS’s portfolio and capabilities as a biotechnology R&D and management company.