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Heat controlled memory sponge scaffold

Future of Bone Graft



OSSPOLY is our Joint Venture with NOVUS which specializes in regenerative medicine, particularly in surgical solutions for bone replacement application. OSSPOLY is devoted to become a practical, safe and reliable deep tech start-up in the field of bone health through NOVUS. More information will soon be available on www.Osspoly.com

Our first product is a smart biomaterial which can fit into any bone defect and provide good physical support and biocompatability. This novel self-fitting bone scaffold is made of a high-performance shape memory polyurethane and modified hydroxyapatite nanoparticles. It can then be safely implanted into bone defects and induce bone regeneration, thereby enhancing recovery of bone injuries and fractures. The scaffold can be deformed, fixed and then recovered once inside the body. This is similar to a transformer that can fit into all bone defects and further grow with the natural bone.


✔ Superior mechanical properties and bioactivity
✔ Can be compacted at 0°C, and implanted to recover to its original shape completely at 40°C
✔ Fewer operation steps required
✔ No second surgery required and Faster recovery


  • Bone Grafts
  • Bone defect reparation
  • Peridontal defect
  • Alveolar bone augmentation
  • Tooth replacement
  • Sinus lift


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