NOVUS strives to serve the communities and create values for our trustworthy and passionate investors. We believe that a successful biotechnology company should be backed by excellent researches and business executions, in which our team has solid background on. We are formed of a global team of experienced scientists, consultants and investors. Moreover, NOVUS has received extensive supports from directors, investors, business leaders, universities and the governments. Invest in NOVUS to join us in our exciting journey to create better values for the society.

NOVUS’s business is divided into two main divisions:

1) Research and Development Division – developing technologies/pipelines for treating diseases

2) Biotechnology Consulting Division – aiming to provide technical, strategic and market access advices to companies

During the budding phase, NOVUS have received millions of HK dollars investment from angels and VCs. With their supports, NOVUS is now a member of the Inch-Bio Programme – an incubation programme managed by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. NOVUS has also received governmental funding from the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. With your further supports and passion, we believe NOVUS will escalate and continue to grow into a leading biotechnology industry player in the global market.

We welcome enquiries from potential individual and institutional investors.