Shantou University – Novus Life Sciences Limited Joint Laboratory of New Materials

Collaborative Project Leaded by Prof. Raymond Sun of Shantou University

The Joint Laboratory is a major step forward of long term collaboration between Shantou University and NOVUS. The focus of the laboratory is to foster the development of next generation of biomaterials based on cutting edge technologies. In the meanwhile, biomaterials and formulations for use in bone, cartilage and even drug delivery are being developed.


Professor William Weijia Lu’s Laboratory, The University of Hong Kong

Principal Investigator and Contractor, HKU-NAMI-NOVUS collaborative project on biomaterials

Professor Lu is an expert and leader in the field of Biomaterials and Bioengineering. He is a board member of the HKSTP biotech section, editors and reviewers of more than ten journals and holds more than 200 paper published in international journals. He is currently holding an endowed Professorship in the University of Hong Kong. He has outstanding experiences in research and development. His networks in the academic institutes and industries will benefit NOVUS’s research strategy.