Bone and Cartilage Rebuild

Fixing Bone Fracture with Easy Injection

Bone fracture is a common injury faced by patients and clinicians. It happens when the bone experiences excessive pressure that leads to catastrophic failure and fracture. Patients suffering from bone conditions such as osteoporosis have a higher change of bone fracture owing to the poor bone quality. Many methods are available for repairing bone fracture, including bone cement and metal implants, which can be applied with high confidence to treat bone fracture. However, in the case of small fracture, open surgery, in contrary to minimally-invasive surgery, would not be appropriate as the surgery would only lengthen the healing time and patient downtime.

NOVUS’s bone healing injection is a novel biomaterial which is engineered to perform like an ordinary cement but with controllable and variable viscosity which can be changed gradually from ultra-low to normal. The ultra-low viscosity allows the biomaterial to be applied using needle with extremely small opening, down to 0.3 mm in diameter. This allows ultimate flexibility in surgery and making minimally-invasive surgery even less invasive.


Cartilage Rebuild Glue with Easy Injection

Cartilage damage is a major cause of osteoarthritis. The reparation of cartilage has been proven to be a mission impossible attributed to the slow cell division of the cartilage. To date, pain management has been the only major strategy in treating cartilage damage. In order to root out the long-lasting damage to cartilage, surgical intervention is necessary for the reparation of the damaged site.

Over the years, technologies have been developed to replace the damaged cartilage tissue with healthy tissues from the patients themselves or donors. However, the complexity of the surgery and the lengthy rehabilitation time are two major setbacks of this technique. After the surgery, patients may have to spend a week in hospital, followed by 3 to 6 months of rehabilitation before regaining reasonable functionality in 12 months.

NOVUS’s cartilage healing injection is a ground-breaking technology using compounds made of clusters tailored and coordinated to three-dimensional structures. The ultra-low viscosity of the compounds allows for its injection into the affected site. After injection, the compounds will then solidify at the affected site within 30 minutes. The solids formed will have properties that resemble the cartilage to replace its functions. The surgery is simple and fast, in which only a simple injection of cartilage repairing gel using real-time image guidance is needed. Patients can be discharged at the same day of the surgery and regain functionality within a week.